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Decentralized Social but where is everyone from?

Easily share your location, and see the location of other DeSo users.

Frequently asked questions

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Why should I share my location?

Participation is entirely voluntary, we understand that some people may prefer to keep their location entirely confidential.

In some cases however it can be useful, and just plain interesting to know where users are located. Knowing users location may also open up more interesting networking options.

We don't ask for, or share your precise location. We just ask you which city you are in, to give other users a general sense of where you are.

Why do I need to login?

We want to ensure the people adding their location actually are in control of those accounts.

We require the minimum level of access (2) from Deso Identity so all transactions would still require your approval to sign and submit to the blockchain. Find out more at: docs.deso.org/identity

Where is my data stored?

Unfortunately there is currently no place to store this information on-chain. There is a DIP that has been approved by the core team that would allow users to store additional information on-chain.

When this becomes available, we will offer users the option to store their data on-chain.

Until then we save user locations in an off-chain database.